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Vovo STYLEMENT TCB-090SA Siège de bidet de toilette intelligent intégré avec ouverture/fermeture automatique et double chasse automatique, toilette bidet en une pièce, siège chauffant, eau chaude et sèche, fabriqué en Corée

Livraison gratuite en Amérique du Nord (sauf Hawaï et Alaska)

Prix : 1 990,00 $


Retrait sur place

Prix : 1 890,00 $

Lieu de prise en charge : 377 Van ness way suite 1205-1206, Torrance, CA 90501


Rated 4.82/5 based on 11 customer reviews


Auto open/close Lid


Automatic flushing system


Tankless System


3 in 1 Full Stainless Nozzle 


Eco Friendly Power Save Mode


3+1=4 Inches Wide and Comfortable Seat


Heated Seat


LED Night Light


Auto Deodorization and Warm Air Dryer



Automatic Open and Close Lid

Water-saving Auto Flushing System

Capable of distinguishing between big and small flush with smart seat sensor

3 in 1 Full Stainless-steel Nozzle

Full Stainless steel nozzle can be used semi-permanently without any stain.
One nozzle is capable of performing three different functions in five different water pressures and movements.

                          Posterior Wash                     Feminine Wash                                 Turbo Wash

Turbo Wash

Turbo Wash Health Care Technology

" No need to worry about constipation anymore"

Rectum cleansing

and TURBO WASH function

Prevents rectum Diseases

Rectum disease prevention with ergonomic features.

Constipation Relief

Maintain healthy living through TURBO WASH and enema functions

TURBO WASH Technology core functions

Before Defecation

Uncomfortable feelings inside before using the product

Use TURBO WASH Function

Strong spray of water will enter the inner anal area.

Helps release stool substance and gas

A powerful stream of water enters to help with releasing stool and harmful gas.

Warm Air Dryer

Three different adjustable temperatures anhance the finishing touch of your bathrrom experience

Self-cleaning Nozzle

The nozzle cleans itself after every usage to provide clean and hygienic operation to the users