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Bidet Seat

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Is there max weight for the user?

Max weight for this item is 165kg(363lbs).

What is electrical requirements? Is it energy efficient?

120V, 703 wattage and 60 Hz is necessary for this item. Also the product has a power save mode which uses least amount of energy.

Do you need an electric outlet?

Yes, you need an electric outlet for this item.

How long is the cord?

The cord for this item is 1.2m(4ft).

Is the remote control waterproof?

No. The remote control is not waterproof.

Can the lid auto open function be disabled?

Yes. There is a auto open and close button on the remote for users to turn on and off.

Does the night light turn off in daylight?

LED night light works same as auto open and close as it only operates when there is person nearby the product. It will automatically turn off without any user around the product regardless of daylight. Also, auto LED night light can be turned on and off, same as auto open and close.

How much water does it use per flush?

The item is equipped with smart flush which distinguishes full flush and small flush. For full flush, it uses 6L(1.58GPF) and for small flush, it uses 4L(1.05GPF).