Are Bidets Clean?

Are bidets really cleaner than toilet papers? The clear answer is, yes! There are many reason people starting to switch from toilet papers to bidets, whether to handheld bidet sprayer, manual bidet, bidet seat, stand alone bidet, or bidet toilet.


Toilet paper is not exactly a great way to clean a very sensitive area of your body, with soothing warm water from a bidet, it can make sure that your butt stays healthy and clean. With toilet papers, not only it can be abrasive to your skin, it also does not completely clean your butt and it can also result in excessive use of toilet papers. This is not only wasteful for the environment, but it will also cost you more money in a long run.


Purchasing a bidet could be one of the best investments you can make, not only for your health benefits, but you automatically contribute into saving the environment by reducing the amount of toilet paper use daily. Our bidet toilets and bidet toilet seats offer great hygiene and gentle cleaning functions that will make sure your butt is always clean and healthy. Check out our bidet toilet and bidet toilet seat collections today!