What Is The Difference Between Conventional Toilets And Bidet Toilets?

What are bidet toilets? And how are they differ from the conventional toilets that we use in our everyday lives? In some countries such as Japan, bidets are commonly found in almost every single households and even in some public restrooms. Meanwhile in the United States, due to the lack of familiarity in bidets, only typical conventional toilets and toilet paper rolls can be found in most American household. These types of toilets and cleaning method are good but not great, while they are practical, but still lack of hygiene.


With conventional toilets, they require a massive amount of toilet papers to wipe up clean. Clearly that does not work nearly as well as gently rinsing your butt with some nice warm water when using a bidet. Bidets are proven to be a far more effective, gentle, and the most hygienic cleaning method that would also save money in the long run.


But are bidets really hygienic for multiple users? The answer is, yes! There are many types of bidets out there that function very well for multiple users and can even recognize each users’ behavior patterns when using the bidet. VOVO STYLEMENT Bidet Seats and Bidet Toilets went as far as having an automatic nozzle cleaning that will guarantee that your bidet nozzle will always be sparkling clean at all time.


Aside from saving toilet papers and having better hygiene, there are many amazing features that come with VOVO STYLEMENT. Experience a complete hand-free operation with auto open/close lid, auto flushing system, auto deodorization and many more. Check out our Bidet seat and Bidet toilet collections and learn more about the luxury features that we have to offer!