"First in Korea to First in the World"
"Eco-Friendly Home Appliance Company, VOVO Corporation"

VOVO Corporation was established in 2001 South Korea as an "Eco-friendly Household Appliance Manufacturer". We are dedicated to improve the quality of life for future generations by developing eco-friendly products. To achieve this goal, we have developed "Eco-friendly Bathroom ware, VOVO STYLEMENT" in an attempt to bring hope to the modern life. We strive to be the top global company with our technological advancement of Stylement bathroom ware.

VOVO STYLEMENT won the title of the "No.1 Export Company" in South Korea and acquired the largest market share in both domestic and global markets.

VO means 'Treasure' and with a combination of both letter (VOVO), we would like to enhance the quality of life for mankind. We provide 'Valuable treasure' to all human life with our continuous work for R&D and remarkable technology.

Add the finishing touch in your bathroom with VOVO STYLEMENT.

VOVO STYLEMENT has the most advanced auto open and close technology. It was meticulously designed to maximize user's comfort providing ergonomically wide seat.

Experience your First class bidet to enjoy utmost comfort and relaxation with STYLEMENT.


Winner of German iF Design Award

Won Germany's iF Design Award in integrated toilet category, one of the most renowned design awards in the world.

Bluetooth Application

With stable Bluetooth 4.1, anyone can operate it easily right after connecting to the smartphone.

UV LED Light Sterilization

Clean in comfort with the confidence that your bathroom and body are free from germs. The built-in UV sterilizer automatically cleanses the nozzle after each use.


Electrolysis sterilization for clean and hygienic usage.5 minutes after you leave,Sani-Plus will spray automatically.If the toilet is not used for a long period of time,Sani-Plus will spray automatically.

Premium Automatic Open / Close Lid

Distance sensor/Motion sensor detects the user and automatically opens and closes the lid.

Smart Automatic Flushing System

The seat sensor detects the seated time and automatically distinguishes between the small flush and full flush.

1 Inch Wider Seat Width

As conventional seat width is 3 inch designed 30 years ago, ergonomically designed 4 inch seat width(3+1) provides maximum comfort.

Tankless Direct Water System

Directly connects to the water supply for clean operation.

Turbo Wash Function

Provides a solution for constipation and hemorrhoids especially for elderly.

Semi-permanent Filter

Specially developed semi-permanent strainer filter doesn't require any replacement.